How to pronounce “Tory Lanez” [Video]

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How to say "Tory Lanez" correctly


Tory Lanez is a Canadian singer, Grammy nominated songwriter, rapper and producer with a number of hits including “Luv”, “Feels”, “Say it” and “The Take”. Tory Lanez, real name “Daystar Shemuel Shua Peterson”, is signed to Interscope Records and released 7 studio albums and 18 mixtapes.

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4 Tips to improve your pronunciation

Here are 4 tips that should help you perfect your pronunciation of ‘Tory Lanez‘:

  • Try to Break down ‘Tory Lanez’ into each vowel, speak it out loud whilst exaggerating each sound until you can consistently say it without mistakes.
  • Record ‘Tory Lanez‘ in full sentences then watch or listen back. You’ll be able to find any of your mistakes very easily.
  • Look up pronunciation tutorials on Youtube for how to pronounce ‘Tory Lanez‘ correctly.
  • Choose a single accent: mixing multiple accents can confuse people, especially for beginners. So select just one accent (US or UK), perhaps English and master that one first.

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